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Why Blue Cube Connections

  • Our fixed price quotation provides you with certainty of costs
  • Bespoke project management means that our installation will be tailored to your requirements
  • Disruption can be minimised as your installation can be carried out after office hours and at weekends
  • A range of solutions can be offered to suit your requirements and budget
  • If required, we can use higher cabling materials specifications to future proof your network
  • We can provide a 25 year manufacturers’ warranty for your peace of mind

Blue Cube Network Installations

Our installations are designed to maximise the benefits from your network whilst minimising the disruption to your day to day activities. From the outset our  consultation seeks to discover what your requirements are, the level of increased demand anticipated and how to carry out your installation without impacting on the running of the business. We believe that this initial consultation is essential to ensure you get the right product at the right price.The package that we come up with is tailored to your requirements whether you only want an  additional outlet or are planning to install a complete backbone structure that will operate multi functional applications.

Free Consultation, Network Design and Quotation

Network Installation

Here's what you get

  • Site Visit by Network Professional
  • Existing Network Assessment
  • Network Speed Improvement Recommendations
  • Network Reliability and Efficiency
  • Written Quote Within 48 Hours

Our quotations are straight forward and crystal clear. When we send you a quote, it will be clear what is being quoted for, on a line by line basis and every element is itemised.

Action Plan


VTB Capital Plc

Formerly called Moscow Narodny Bank, VTB Capital is Russia’s second largest banking group with more than 100,000 people serving clients in more than 40 countries. Their assets totalled 6.7 US$ Billion for the fiscal year ended 31st December 2017.


VTB Capital required a reconfiguration of their backbone infrastructure to cope with increases in the level of the bank’s business activities.

Our solution

OM3 pre-terminated fibre optic cables were utilised for inter-cabinet links backed up by Cat 6 copper for the horizontal cabling.

The outcome

VTB Capital were happy with the efficiency gains arising from the new equipment, as well as improved reliability and faster access to services.


Samsung is the world’s second largest consumer electronics company, with more than 275,000 employees worldwide, serving customers in more than 140 countries. Their assets totalled $226 billion for the financial year ended 31st December 2017.


Samsung’s European Headquarters, based in Surrey, had seen an expansion of operations. They required an additional building, with a 600 outlet structured cabling system, near to their main offices. They had selected Blue Cube Connections as their existing cabling system was outdated and inadequate for today’s needs. A modern replacement with up to date infrastructure was required.

Our solution

We designed and implemented a Cat 6 structured cabling solution, with copper for the horizontal cabling to outlets. The Cat 6 solution increased bandwidth and improved reliability, proving a great replacement to the previous system.

The outcome

Samsung was happy as their investment would now increase productivity and thereby increase returns.

Merton Schools

The London Borough of Merton has over 43 primary schools, responsible for the education of over 3,000 young pupils. The Borough’s schools consistently score well in the Ofsted rankings.


Every year, there is an increase in the rate of enrolment of pupils. Gorringe Park Primary, a Merton school, required extensions to their school and a refurbishment of their ICT system, as it was unable to cater for a modern curriculum. Blue Cube Connections was asked to review the existing ICT system and come up with a cost-effective solution, due to the constraints on the education budget.

Our solution

We extended the analogue connection boxes and voice cabling to improve the school’s voice network. A Voice over IP Solution would have been more effective, but the budget constraints led to selection of the alternate solution. Armoured fibre cable running in ducting was utilised to connect the new buildings and provide a fibre backbone. The cabling from the main admin server to the Headmaster’s and other offices were also enhanced. In order to minimise disruption to the school, the work was completed out of hours.

The outcome

When teachers and pupils returned from the Christmas holidays, they were impressed with the new buildings and much improved ICT system.

Star Technology Services

Star Technology Services Limited is one of the UK’s largest business ISPs, providing on demand IT and communication services for UK businesses. They are pioneers in cloud-based spam and virus scanning systems for business email under the brand Messagelabs, and have been at the forefront of the move towards cloud computing.


Star Technology Services Limited needed a new data centre with a large storage and processing capability in order to cope with the large expansion of its cloud computing business.

Our solution

Blue Cube Connections came up with an effective 10 Gigabits/second Cat 6a pre-terminated solution, which incorporates fibre in the backbone and Cat 6a copper. We chose OM4 multi-mode fibre, the latest generation of fibre which, although more expensive than more traditional variants, conveys significant benefits with regard to future proofing capacity and continuity of service.

The outcome

We completed the installation in two months by working back-to-back, and had on-going consultations with our client. They were highly satisfied with the quality of products and services.