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Wireless networks (WLAN) are the perfect communications solution for businesses of all sizes. WLAN does not rely on wired Ethernet connections and gives you greater flexibility within a certain range. The expert technicians at Blue Cube Connections can create either an entirely new WLAN system as an alternate to your current system, or expand your current system by integrating WLAN.

Wireless network installations by Blue Cube Connections

Get greater security and faster speed with our WLAN systems for your office.

  • Don’t require additional cabling

  • Coverage provided for area between 65-300 feet

  • Faster speed

  • Greater security

  • Compatible data transfers

  • Ideal for file sharing

  • Can use WLAN along with other network-based applications

Features of our WLAN systems:

Our work meets technical specifications required by international, European and UK legislation. Most of our WLAN systems are based on the IEEE 802.11 standards, providing data transfer speeds that range from 300-600Mbps. For more information on our high-quality Wireless LAN installation, please feel free to get in touch with us. Based in the Thames Valley, close to London we cover all locations in the UK.

High-quality WLAN systems

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